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Recommend a Nations Track...
View User ProfileSend Private Message MrA
Recommend a Nations Track...02-Feb-2006 : Quote : Report
leading two lives

Use this thread to recommend other peoples tracks which you have found and really like...

Please follow these rules
1) Do not recommend your own tracks.
2) Only recommend 'under rated' tracks.
3) Tracks in BOTW on the front page are not considered under-rated. Recommending those is pointless.

If you can please try to write a paragraph explaining why you are reccomending it, this will help other people try it.

How to link to tracks
Goto the track page and pull out the trackid. You can see it at the end of the end of the External Link...

[External Link: http://nations.tm-exchange.com/main.aspx?action=trackshow&id=3122#auto]

To display a link to the track using its picture, use the following with that trackid...

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View User ProfileSend Private Message =_n4drive=
05-Feb-2006 : Quote : Report

Playing Again by View User ProfileSend Private Message Onyxthegreat

First recommand actually not but k

why is the other 1 gone

well here is a sweet track

hope this 1 gets more awards ...hf
View User ProfileSend Private Message Sonic.
05-Feb-2006 : Quote : Report
Go-Kart Racer

Dark Playground by View User ProfileSend Private Message Zharihnn

A masterpiece!
Easily better than Panis' 60 award tracks and it only has 10!
C'mon and try it people!

View User ProfileSend Private Message One
05-Feb-2006 : Quote : Report
Toy-Car Racer

Phish' 4D:

"4D by View User ProfileSend Private Message Phish"

Reviewed in the Track Review Thread. Gave it an 8\10. Give it a whirl, you wont be dissapointed.
View User ProfileSend Private Message Mathias_R.
06-Feb-2006 : Quote : Report
Moped Racer

EDIT: Read the rules and Dont post your Own track in here, thanks - Rax
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View User ProfileSend Private Message Kojootti
06-Feb-2006 : Quote : Report
Toy-Car Racer

These 2 tracks just screams more awards:

Both have good flow, they are tecnical, nice stunts and have good scenery.
BigBroZ by View User ProfileSend Private Message hydrofise

UpTheBend by View User ProfileSend Private Message Rax

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View User ProfileSend Private Message Sonic.
06-Feb-2006 : Quote : Report
Go-Kart Racer

here are two veryoriginal tracks from kojooti that deserve more than just my awards!

Highriser by View User ProfileSend Private Message Kojootti

SonicZone by View User ProfileSend Private Message Kojootti
View User ProfileSend Private Message Dork
08-Feb-2006 : Quote : Report
Zimmer Racer!

Concrete Wasteland by View User ProfileSend Private Message Shadow The Hedgehog

An excellent track by an a twisted genius . The track itself is just awesome, with great stunts and excellent speed throughout. But the intro, outro and in-game MT should serve as an example to all new trackers on how to do MediaTrackin'. Try it, you won't regret it.

View User ProfileSend Private Message Andree
Check out this track08-Feb-2006 : Quote : Report

Dynamic by View User ProfileSend Private Message Kojootti

From my award

Originally posted by Andree ...
Maybe one of the best symmetric tracks i ever have played
So many cool ideas
Fun to play
A perfect track
Needs more awards
View User ProfileSend Private Message Andree
08-Feb-2006 : Quote : Report

PLAYER ONE by View User ProfileSend Private Message koltafeuille

from my award:
Originally posted by Andree ...
Aweome track
Dont understand why this track has no awards yet
Super made
Wonderful fun to play
The use of the camera ingame where you go down between all the white poles is amazing
The wallridesections is cool
The outro is good
View User ProfileSend Private Message Andree
14-Feb-2006 : Quote : Report

Race In Hell (1er episode ) by View User ProfileSend Private Message YoYo

From my award

Originally posted by Andree ...
Superb track
The Press For Award start is awesome cool, made even more cool with the MT
Fun to play
Many WOW-sections
I love the loop X2
Great outro also

View User ProfileSend Private Message Sonic.
15-Feb-2006 : Quote : Report
Go-Kart Racer

RubberRoom by View User ProfileSend Private Message popgun

just try it! an amazing track!
View User ProfileSend Private Message Dork
15-Feb-2006 : Quote : Report
Zimmer Racer!

X-TinGuish by View User ProfileSend Private Message Hastings

An awesomely fast TMN classic. Loops, wallrides and such incredible speed that I'm still kind of trembling from the buzz I got off of the track... Great for WR hunting too, but hugely entertaining. Fantastic!
View User ProfileSend Private Message StoreMax
16-Feb-2006 : Quote : Report

[bad track link]

A nice track, very technical and smooth
good design
and great MT
award this track
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View User ProfileSend Private Message Dork
20-Feb-2006 : Quote : Report
Zimmer Racer!

N1 Speed Break by View User ProfileSend Private Message Mikerush76

Baffling . I just can't understand why no one but me and one other person has awarded this. It's incredibly stunty, fast, and an instant classic that deserves 25 times as many awards as it has now. For stunt-happy thrillseekers who enjoyed TMS's Island stunts, this will be like a shot of caffeine.

View User ProfileSend Private Message Andree
20-Feb-2006 : Quote : Report

Platform-Drop-Off by View User ProfileSend Private Message DaKKoN

A superfun track
High Octane speed
Check it out
View User ProfileSend Private Message versatek
Streamline23-Feb-2006 : Quote : Report
Go-Kart Racer

If you like "moving power" or other short tracks with demanding racing lines, I think you may like this one. It is not as difficult as "moving power" but I believe it could be just as competative. Check it out.

Streamline by View User ProfileSend Private Message AirRaid
View User ProfileSend Private Message Bloopy
26-Feb-2006 : Quote : Report
Toy-Car Racer

Here's a track with good flow, great use of scenery, and a slightly tricky jump.

Tech City by View User ProfileSend Private Message TheNamelessGuy

Here's a difficult stunt track which takes a bit of practice to complete. There's some nifty stunts and it looks good too, especially the start and finish.

Space Truckin' by View User ProfileSend Private Message Digital_Trucker
View User ProfileSend Private Message Sabaku no Gaara
26-Feb-2006 : Quote : Report
Go-Kart Racer

Only 3 awards ?!!! Incredible...
Please try this track, it's AWESOME !!!

[bad track link]

Originally posted by Sabaku ...
Only 3 awards with mine ?! how is it possible ?
This tracks ROCKS !!!
Awesome speed, awesome jumps, maybe a little hard but I really love this kind of funny tracks !
I'm gonna recommend it and System Of A Down powaaa !!

Rating : ¼ / 5
Big GG Supamanu !!!
View User ProfileSend Private Message Acegikmo
27-Feb-2006 : Quote : Report
Zimmer Racer!

Here is a really good underrated track made by Racemaniac...
ManiaxRace1 by View User ProfileSend Private Message Racemaniac

My award:
Originally posted by Acegikmo ...
Great track
Awesome work...
The feeling when going down the wall was awesome, almost like beeing in a big house.
Brilliant track Racemaniac.
Really creative and inventive.
Why No awards?
What are peoples problem these days?
Clearly hasn't many tested this one...
Im gonna recommend it.
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