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TLH Maps???
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TLH Maps???31-Jan-2014 : Quote : Report
Toy-Car Racer

Hey guys,
I'm looking for TLH (The Last Heroes) maps.
TLH is/was a clan a few years ago. They had very very nice tech-maps on their server.
I only found a few maps..
The mod on the maps was TLH Carbone Mod.
TLH Chaos was the leader of the clan, but i cannot find any information about their clan.
Is there anyone who can help me to get mappacks of TLH? Or to get contact to Chaos or another member of the clan?
Chaos: http://tm.maniazones.com/forum/index.php?action=profile;u=58100
View User ProfileSend Private Message Rose Tattoo
31-Jan-2014 : Quote : Report

I guess there were more maps than from clanmembers only.

if you say "very very nice tech maps" it seems that could have been a collection of the best of TM, because I only know a few ppl who made more than 5-10 really good tech maps.

I only did know Chaos and Boom from that clan if I remember right but the last time I have seen anybody of that clan was a quick hello on TM2 from Boom.

maybe contact him? tlhchaos@hotmail.de
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View User ProfileSend Private Message GrueneAhoiBrause
01-Feb-2014 : Quote : Report
Toy-Car Racer

Well thank you! I really got in contact with Chaos now and he said that TLH does not exist anymore in the way it existed a few years ago.
They do not play TMN today but he is looking for the tracks to send 'em to me.
Yours sincerely, Brause
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