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Classic Missions from TMX
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Classic Missions from TMX27-Sep-2014 : Quote : Report
Toy-Car Racer

hey old nations bros how are you doing? long time no see
lately I've been doing reviews on old classic tracks that qualify as missions, where you have to do an objective aside from going for the best time and I really like that kind of tracks and aside from the reviews I'm doing videos about them to showcase how cool it used to be

the problem is finding those rare tracks and even more dificult is to find tracks that really work as some are really old, the mediapacks on many disapeared over the time and that makes most of the tracks unplayable and not suitable for videos
not only for the videos, it happens that I'm an huge fan of these tracks and I know what I've been missing

this is the main topic
and playlist

my request is if there's anyone there who may still have mediapacks of old track, aswell as sugestions of tracks to make videos of to let me know
One small note: I do know the existence of this topic - (Story Tracks) Post your story tracks here! - but the main issue is many of the tracks are just texts or the mediapacks being unavaliable

some examples of tracks I would like to make a video but don't have their respective mediapack
- "~ a mother's tale ~ by View User ProfileSend Private Message TStarGermany"
- "PIRATES of the CARIBBEAN by View User ProfileSend Private Message HawkGer"
- "VULCANO by View User ProfileSend Private Message Rycardoo & Patrick"
- "TWISTER by View User ProfileSend Private Message rycardoo"
- "The mystery by View User ProfileSend Private Message Cangal"
- "The Ancient Egypt by View User ProfileSend Private Message Captain Jack Sparrow"

I know it's going to be a though search but well if there's survivors here from the time where story tracks were awesome... it would be great
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28-Sep-2014 : Quote : Report
Coupè Racer


sweet dream!
View User ProfileSend Private Message Kamyk.®
28-Sep-2014 : Quote : Report
Zboob Power

I wish you good luck
View User ProfileSend Private Message fabio_m
28-Sep-2014 : Quote : Report
Toy-Car Racer

thanks but the problem as stated before are to not only find a legit story track with a mission to do, but also a track where the mediapack actually works.. it's a tough challenge :/ that's why I'm asking for sugestions or if there's survivors here with working mediapacks, that can be avaliable somewhere in cache I don't know anything
View User ProfileSend Private Message Kamyk.®
29-Sep-2014 : Quote : Report
Zboob Power

I know for a fact that I've never played such tracks. So I'm not your man, sorry
View User ProfileSend Private Message Mazter
01-Oct-2014 : Quote : Report
Moped Racer

Mission Speedtek, I guess... Don't know whether there's some mediapack for it though.
View User ProfileSend Private Message Tech.
04-Oct-2014 : Quote : Report
Hatchback Racer

"[Story] The Darnassus Fall (WoW) by View User ProfileSend Private Message piepie"

"WallRide License (Full Ver.) by View User ProfileSend Private Message piepie"

Check them out, im not sure if they are good for this topic, i've never played them before
View User ProfileSend Private Message fabio_m
05-Oct-2014 : Quote : Report
Toy-Car Racer

the first one is already in video

second one I've already played and it's a possibility aswell
I like how both tracks have drawings made from text wich is great and avoids missing mediapacks

crusard tracks still work on my game because I have the files in cache and I will cover some of them
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View User ProfileSend Private Message fabio_m
16-Dec-2014 : Quote : Report
Toy-Car Racer

hey guys
I'm currently doing christmas track for this classic missions project I have quite a few to work on and this is how the current project is going

of course I will come back to tmn to record some tracks I have saved, I'm glad there are many tracks out there to choose but obviously I want moaaaaaaar

don't forget to subscrive if you want to see the next releases

also one observation my computer is not very good to record and I have to reduce the quality so many of these videos don't make the tracks justice imo but well, at least you know what I want for christmas ^^
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