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Recommend a Tech Track!
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Recommend a Tech Track!26-Jun-2006 : Quote : Report

Use this thread to recommend other peoples Tech tracks which you have found and really like...

Please follow these rules
1) Do not recommend your own tracks.
2) Tracks in BOTW on the front page are not considered under-rated. Recommending those is pointless.

Remember this is for Technical tracks only if its a bunch of wallrides and loops it's NOT a tech track

If you can please try to write a paragraph explaining why you are reccomending it, this will help other people try it.

How to link to tracks
Goto the track page and pull out the trackid. You can see it at the end of the end of the External Link...

[External Link: "Jumping GP 8 by View User ProfileSend Private Message MrA"]

To display a link to the track using its picture, use the following with that trackid...

Jumping GP 8 by View User ProfileSend Private Message MrA
View User ProfileSend Private Message Jonkster Has l...
26-Jun-2006 : Quote : Report
Coupè Racer

Nice idea bkb, heres a great tech track i really enjoyed by Hophead.

Originally posted by Me!! ...
Great track, fun to play online, this one was voted to play again, as everyone wanted another go to improve their times.
A cool innovative start
I love the different banked corners in the first 1/2 of the track- this is where lots of seconds can be sliced of your time by finding just the right line
The angled jumps are brilliant and intense, leading to great smooth speed at the end if you take them right.
All around an absolutely fantastic track! Brilliant to race online!

Metallic Serpent by View User ProfileSend Private Message [ATP]Hophead
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View User ProfileSend Private Message [ATP]BkB98
27-Jun-2006 : Quote : Report

TechnicalMadness by View User ProfileSend Private Message IDiot

Good tech track very creative and fun to race
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View User ProfileSend Private Message Yaya
27-Jun-2006 : Quote : Report
Saloon Racer

Crossing Tower by View User ProfileSend Private Message Zero|DPX

I know bad screenie , but :

The best technical Track ever ...

And so UNDERRATED !!!!!!
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View User ProfileSend Private Message Andree
30-Jun-2006 : Quote : Report

APEX C.R.E. by View User ProfileSend Private Message SLAZ

Try out this great track that looks even better with the mod
View User ProfileSend Private Message kyoto
03-Jul-2006 : Quote : Report
Toy-Car Racer

-BleacH- by View User ProfileSend Private Message *ReMo*

This creator has many tracks that derservee much praise...please take some time and try out his lateist...even comes with his own mod.
I promise you wont be dissapointed
I believe this track to be a technical track (to put it simply) you need to demonstrate almost perfect timing and technique to complete this track.
This track is no track for inexpirenced racers.
He made this track to be incrediblt fast and smooth.
I myself have yet to come close to his record for this one : ( I cant get under a minute...lol...but i never said i was a technical racer.
so please give remos tracks a try if your into high speeds and technique try -BleacH- and SinguAr...I promise you wont be dissapointed

Kyoto Out
View User ProfileSend Private Message Fupstart
Tech track05-Jul-2006 : Quote : Report
Toy-Car Racer

This one by my mate Beetleboy is an Excellent tech track .
Great concept too - fitting it all onto a 6 by 6 footprint.

Track Link Here
View User ProfileSend Private Message =_n4drive=
07-Jul-2006 : Quote : Report

SpeedTech by View User ProfileSend Private Message insane -> TMU

Nice Tech track here check it out

View User ProfileSend Private Message [ATP]BkB98
18-Jul-2006 : Quote : Report

Pure Perfection (Purified) by View User ProfileSend Private Message [ATP] Alcator

IF you guys are ready for a real challenge start laying down some times and awards on this one

Nice track Alcator!
Love the start up to the checkpoint which I would hit every SINGLE RUN it seemed like!!!!
That was fairly annoying but it was a challenge I wouldn't reccomend doing that in many tracks but it was early enough in your track that it wasn't bad
I would have to agree that this is an expert track .. not to finish but to get that SWEET time anyways. The turns seemed to be SOO long at some point that you forget when the hard right or left is coming and ruins your run. I imagine this one would be getting a wide variety of times online some around 56 some around 1:05 or so heh. Thats a good thing IMO but some may disagree.
The MT was decent enough ...
The intro kind of acts a GPS so watch it if you like GPS's.
The first time I saw the arrows and the GREAT JOB! I thought it was going to be extremely annoying but after a few runs I didn't even notice it anymore which was a good thing for me anyways.
Overall great job and I would definetly classify this as a TECH track I will reccomend it in the Tech track thread
View User ProfileSend Private Message deadunkel
26-Jul-2006 : Quote : Report

here is a techtrack that i like very much:

"tech2 by View User ProfileSend Private Message kalgani"
View User ProfileSend Private Message Djoszee
26-Jul-2006 : Quote : Report
Coupè Racer

CHASE by View User ProfileSend Private Message eyez

This is one of the masterpiece tracks currently running on the uk~rounds server. This track has a great flow and get's more challenging everytime you play it. This is techracing at highspeed. Gotta just love the last 3 corners, I try to do them faster everytime I play it. This track might as well have a neocreed stamp on it, go and try it!
View User ProfileSend Private Message Robin Voigt
30-Jul-2006 : Quote : Report
Moped Racer

The Chaos Theory by View User ProfileSend Private Message Darth_ Vader

A really great fast tech track of my friend Darth_ Vader!

robin voigt

sry for doubleposting [reaseon: lagg on my pc]
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View User ProfileSend Private Message [ATP]BkB98
31-Jul-2006 : Quote : Report

AMAZING track !! Love it!
Not really that complicated and drives with ease!
Love the different levels to jump to and it isn't a pain to get lined up before the jumps so those are smooth and easy!
Great Tech track!

Fraggle Rock by View User ProfileSend Private Message Nitryx
View User ProfileSend Private Message [ATP]DrDeth2
20-Aug-2006 : Quote : Report
Soft-Top Racer

WOW i immediatly fell in love with this tech track, usually i dont like em but there is an exception for this one and the 6*6 stack one but i definately like this one better
Helter Skelter by View User ProfileSend Private Message DJ Piles
View User ProfileSend Private Message BaZza
30-Aug-2006 : Quote : Report
Toy-Car Racer

Loved this track from the moment I first tried it. One of those 'kind to you' Tracks that shows you the corners in advance.
This don't make it a walk over by anymeans, it's still a great challenge that keeps me coming back for that extra .50
If you like your tech tracks with plenty of flow and no harsh braking down to 15mph, then this is for you.
ZaPpeh is certainly an author that is up there with the best

Tech Nique by View User ProfileSend Private Message ZaPpeh
View User ProfileSend Private Message adrianopennetti
11-Sep-2006 : Quote : Report
Toy-Car Racer

the lay out of this track is very clever so clever in fact you dont even notice whare you are! definately a track to try.
the eye of the loop(walls) by View User ProfileSend Private Message MARKGIRAUD
Last edited 11-Sep-2006 by View User ProfileSend Private Message adrianopennetti
View User ProfileSend Private Message Arild
16-Sep-2006 : Quote : Report
Moped Racer

I would like to recommend two technical tracks. Both are pretty fast, very well calculated, and pure fun to drive, but almost no awards. They're both really well made and deserves a lot more attention!

Reused by View User ProfileSend Private Message memy=>tmu

Black Curves II by View User ProfileSend Private Message ]Shadows[-Roy

Check 'em out, I know you want to
View User ProfileSend Private Message Major Dick
30-Sep-2006 : Quote : Report
F1 Racer

Originally posted by adrianopennetti ...
the lay out of this track is very clever so clever in fact you dont even notice whare you are! definately a track to try.
"the eye of the loop(walls) by View User ProfileSend Private Message MARKGIRAUD"

Umm thats not a tech track! you might wanna put the in THis Thread
View User ProfileSend Private Message mnm
12-Nov-2006 : Quote : Report

OWN The Knot 3 Reverse by View User ProfileSend Private Message Ferril
Last edited 12-Nov-2006 by View User ProfileSend Private Message mnm
View User ProfileSend Private Message OWN|air
25-Nov-2006 : Quote : Report
Go-Kart Racer

Late by View User ProfileSend Private Message OWN|air

My best tech map Think you need some skill to like this one
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