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Name: Download Winter Fairytale
Pack: (no track pack)
By: View User ProfileSend Private Message seaFs & LuXx.0r
Version: 16-Feb-2010
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 7,680
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Game: TM Nations
Type: Race Style: Race
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m 30s Diffic.: Expert
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Download Replay 1:25.90 View User ProfileSend Private Message seaFs+ 0:00.007,680This replay is NOT contributing to any leaderboard rank.
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Download Replay 1:27.70 View User ProfileSend Private Message TimeBreaker+ 0:01.806,714This replay is NOT contributing to any leaderboard rank.
Download Replay 1:28.27 View User ProfileSend Private Message Sazu+ 0:02.376,408This replay is NOT contributing to any leaderboard rank.
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Author Comments

Once upon a time...

...there was a little boy. They called him LuXx. Well, he really wants them to call him LuXx.0r, but his 1337-style is not everybodys favourite. So let's keep him calling LuXx. One time our little LuXx was very bored and didn't know what to do. It was a cold, dark an snowy night, and the street lights transformed everything into a warm orange. Playing "Call of Duty" was not able to blow his mind, "reading a book" is like "Can you eat this?" to him (Well, I must correct myself, he really does like reading books.) and driving a few rounds on RoseServer® is unfortunately not possible all the day. "So what to can I do?" he asked himself.

Then, suddenly!, there it was. It sounded like a thousand drums and trumpets playing for his outstanding idea. It felt like a thunder in his head enlightening all his emotions. (At this point I want to keep the tension a bit up and won't tell you right now what was going on in little LuXx' mind.) Little LuXx pointed with the mouse cursor onto a green symbol on his desktop with two white, abstract letters. The hard drives began to load some files. The red light at his computers front began to play like a small star twinkeling up in the sky. Then, after cruel minutes of waiting, they finally appeared. The ten numbers. Ten times 16777215. Little LuXx skillfully navigated through the menu points and started, what he was aiming at. A new map in TrackMania Nations. So he placed some parts together, drove them, placed some other ones to the existing ones and drove again. But soon the emotions calmed down, his mind began to slow down and he unfotunately returned to his previous state. No ideas anymore to make all of you dear readers happy.

"What can I do?" Little LuXx was so disappointed. Left alone with a good start... again an abandoned track? "No! Not again!" These are the words that sounded through the entire universe to reach all mappers out there. Don't abandon tracks. The words finally reached our second protagonist, another crazy and bored mind ready to let Solitaire be Solitaire and force his mind to place some blocks to the almost abandoned track. Time to start the third duo track. (Maybe a hint for those who didn't know until now... little LuXx and crazy seaFs have together built two other tracks, too...) So, seaFs received the words which made all the way through the entire universe (...and of course the whole way back...) and agreed with pleasure of unknown dimension. He really tried hard to meet the extremely high expactations of little LuXx, but sometimes it was not going to be like this.

Many hours of building and testing passed, but the end was not to be seen. As always, the too small stadium was the reason for far more work, the whole track had to be shifted by one field (two times, to be precise), turns had to be adjusted, jumps had to be smoothed out. Nevertheless it all took shape and the track was something special (It is outstanding, promise!). Little LuXx and crazy seaFs combined many ideas and put them into a single track. The last building part was LuXx', he was responsable for the scenery design and thus the mood of the track.

Read further in the first comment

User Comments
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View User ProfileSend Private Message seaFs & LuXx.0r 16-Feb-2010
Starting with a multilap start the track offers you what it is about:
A multilap circuit.. But not just a simple circuit to be driven again. It is more of a "Fever" in speedtech style with some smooth transitions, one platform and one loop. Plus a triple re-use. But not as you can drive it in "Hitchy's Re.Usopia". No, it is bidirectional. So don't collide with other drivers, drive careful!
Soon the clock's hour hand made more than 12 rounds, but the track was not finished. The second part already knocked onto the door.

The presentation. The Mediatracker work again was crazy seaFs' part. He proved his skills sometimes in the past. ( At this point we don't want to talk about his disastrous ...outcomes.) At first there was only the intro, kept in simple style with nothing new. Soon some effects followed for the race to round it up and give the whole track a feeling of winter. seaFs had the idea to take the amazing snowfalkes you can see flying around the "White Rocks". Not enough of winter, the snowflakes reappear at the track's screen.

Finally, after (again...) two weeks another duo track has been released by little LuXx and crazy seaFs.
Hopefully you all will have much fun with our track and maybe we'll see us online on RoseServer®.

Track information:
- Style: Speedtech
- Coppers: 2200
- Length: 1:25 minutes offline, ~35 seconds online
- Intro
- ingame snow effect
- Outro

Thanks to our beta testers

Image XSGA
Online Records
View User ProfileSend Private Message Mess 16-Feb-2010
mine !!11!!1!1
View User ProfileSend Private Message Fusion.Shanki 16-Feb-2010
why was it hidden?!
because of the longer author comment??
will check it now on rose's server
View User ProfileSend Private Message Sazu 16-Feb-2010
since when i do have a capital Z in my name? not that i would care about but it's quite interesting how many ppl write that name SaZu
View User ProfileSend Private Message seaFs 16-Feb-2010
I remember your name with a capital z...probably from online driving?
View User ProfileSend Private Message Sazu 16-Feb-2010
as far as I know I never had it like that^^
but as I said, I dont really care..
View User ProfileSend Private Message TimeBreaker 16-Feb-2010
Is it just me who has serious problems finishing this track without crashes?

So after almost 20 minutes, the uploaded 1:27 is the only clean run I made. I'm not gonna award because it's simply too difficult for me. And i can say that the track itself is not too confusing, you'll know every turn after 3 minutes. It's not the learning phase, that is too long, the jumps just are too tightly calculated. I barely managed to jump up to the white inflatable ahead of the looping, the loop itself can also be a problem if you don't get the inflatable right.

There has been a couple of nice turns, I liked the second slide a lot, the general idea of a multilap with these kind of bidirectional re-uses is great, i really like this way of trackbuilding! But for me, re-uses do not have to work, they must also allow little mistakes. And I don't mean crashes, but maybe a loss of 10kmh, which was not always the case.
The ramp to road transfer right before the reuse felt way too fast, that is probably the main reason why I had so many problems on this track. If you drive this track really well - there is by no doubt a great flow, especially the first half of the track has shown this for me.
The MT work was also sweet - partially. I don't mind snowflakes ingame, they were quite well-made looking random enough to give a realistic snow-feeling while driving. The intro had these nice white under and overlines, really enjoyed those. The outro had a couple of good cameras - I think. I honestly couldn't watch it to the end because these oversaturated fx colors really hurt my eyes. fx colors are there to desaturate the colors, not to oversaturate it. the scenery was ok, it didn't support the winter theme though. what also made me wonder why there is no mod built in, I bet it would've given the whole an atmospherical highlight without making it much more undrivable than it already was for me^^. So yeah, there won't we an award from me, but you got a replay, and constructive feedback.. and that must be enough
View User ProfileSend Private Message Fusion.Shanki 17-Feb-2010
one of the longest feedbacks i've ever read
nice "work" tb!
View User ProfileSend Private Message Spunki 17-Feb-2010
Finally Cool story
View User ProfileSend Private Message fg » satan. 17-Feb-2010
the track itselfs is very nice, most of slides need practice but still they are good... but ther is one "but"... damn why u both made it 2 laps? I hate all the maps which are longer than 50 secs, it killing my nerves in any case ;-\ 1 lap are already 50 secs so it would be perfect, still can't get WHY 2 laps... only cuz of this I'm thinkin about award.
View User ProfileSend Private Message seaFs 18-Feb-2010
Why 2 laps? I remember Rose talking about Fever and thought about to ask DeF whether he'd upload a 2 laps version.
User Awards
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User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message Rose Tattoo 16-Feb-2010
funny reuse map, well done guys, but the snow sux^^
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message Fusion.Shanki 16-Feb-2010
nice map - not the best map ever - but pretty enjoyable - and real cool reuses
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message Sazu 16-Feb-2010
you know...i like it
just great map, cool reuse

all is said from my side


time will probably follow..
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message Fusion.Stunt 17-Feb-2010
WTF crazy map but i like it
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message Mess 17-Feb-2010
Big work here guys.
Firsty great MTwork from seaFs, the intro was at least from the atmosphere your best work until now I think, really liked the font placement with the lines around and the blue and cold mood there, great you also put it ingame, so there was real transition between them. And gladly the snowflakes stopped after some time ^_^, I just thought the "loopflakes" passed a bit to fast to me at the end... Sadly it didn't continue in the outro, the cams were awesome (liked the loopone), but it was as already sad much too oversatured, would've been better if you kept the blue theme for me.
The overall idea, the concept of the track was one time again great, don' know what more to say about it, I just liked it. You 2 built a great tech then with a fantastic flow and great curves, where it was really fun to slide on, also those reuses everywhere are awesome placed. As TB said the ramppart is really very hard calculated and not always easy to get, so it can destroy your time if you just slow down there a little bit, because the next jump to the platform will be your death. Therefore it's really fun if you get the platform and the jump to the loop is sugaaar. I really liked the track overall, just the hard calculated platfomrpart destroyed it a little bit for me and kept me away to drive it a bit longer.

User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message .Henk« 17-Feb-2010
nice one^^
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message ~Sphere 19-Feb-2010
Great track with cool re-use(s)
Fantastic MT work and due to that Snow feeling


greetz Sphere
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message Roomie¬ 19-Feb-2010
Very nice track.

User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message Fetzer 03-Apr-2010
nice one
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