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Name: Download The Settlement (duotrack)
Pack: (no track pack)
By: View User ProfileSend Private Message [Fok!] Community
Version: 10-Sep-2006
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 10,299
Track Details
Game: TM Nations
Type: Race Style: Race
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
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Download Replay 0:52.38 View User ProfileSend Private Message JumperJack+ 0:00.0010,299This replay is NOT contributing to any leaderboard rank.
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Download Replay 0:54.29 View User ProfileSend Private Message Super4wiel_GrAvY+ 0:01.918,045This replay is NOT contributing to any leaderboard rank.
Download Replay 0:54.58 View User ProfileSend Private Message crazy69+ 0:02.207,703This replay is NOT contributing to any leaderboard rank.
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Pen Total penalty applied (platform tracks only), 10s for each respawn.
Replay is "locked" to protect solution (for 30 days).
Author Comments

THE SETTLEMENT [Weebel & JumperJack]

The Track
The Settlement is a Fok!-community track build by two members of this dutch clan, Weebel and JumperJack. It’s the first volume of the threepack of tracks that will be build by us. This track is totally fullspeed with a bit offroad, some loopings, corkscrews and platforms. The track itself is pretty flowing, but it’s pretty hard to drive it almost perfect

- Intro: yes, by JumperJack
- GPS: err… a bit
- In-Game: yes, by Weebel and JumperJack
- Outro: yes, by JumperJack
- Music: no

- Author: 0’52”38
- Gold: 0’57”00
- Silver: 1’04”00
- Bronze: 1’17”00

Advertisement-pack: It could be very useful when you download this advertisement pack before playing the track and place the unzipped files in ./GameData/Skins/Any/Advertisement

Bigger Screenie

current downloadrating: ~0

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User Comments
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View User ProfileSend Private Message JumperJack 10-Sep-2006
thanks Kingy two more to be made but because it will last some time before the next ones are gonna be finished, take a look at our "You might like's", maybe you'd like these too

thanks Walz, amazing award, and better late then never

thanks !TOx!C!, great award
View User ProfileSend Private Message iR|!TOx!C! 07-Oct-2006
Nice time jumperjack: 52:38
Where is the cut??
View User ProfileSend Private Message JumperJack 15-Oct-2006
download the replay and you'll see there's no cut
User Awards
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User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message XXX-KING 10-Sep-2006
This track really is very good. Its the sort of track that i like, although im not very good at it so im not gonna post a time [my time is only 54.15 :(] keep up the good work and i cant wait 4 the next 1 ;P
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message Weebel 19-Sep-2006
Great track, I really have to say!
Keep it going mate!
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message Markus... 24-Sep-2006
late but not forgotten

here is my for you and your great work
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message iR|!TOx!C! 06-Oct-2006
Very nice track !!
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