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Name: Download Alcator's GP
Pack: (no track pack)
By: View User ProfileSend Private Message [ATP] Alcator
Version: 08-Nov-2006
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 9,412
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Game: TM Nations
Type: Race Style: Race
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Beginner
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Download Replay 0:50.87 View User ProfileSend Private Message [ATP] Alcator+ 0:01.787,364This replay is NOT contributing to any leaderboard rank.
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Author Comments

Please, if you like this track, don't gorget to check ATP's technical-and-stunty track: "Wheelchair Racing -ATP Com Trck5 by View User ProfileSend Private Message ATP"

NEW! If you don't like the in-game MT effects, download this: "Alcator GP-MT by View User ProfileSend Private Message [ATP] Alcator"

Added 1 checkpoint for decorative reasons, improved author time by 0.2 second. This should be the last update.

This track was made for the TMX Monthly Track Contest - Round 4 (November) The task was to create a track with "GP-like look", i.e. NO STUNTS, carefully placed spectator booths etc.
Read the specs here: http://nations.tm-exchange.com/main.aspx?action=threadshow&id=593818&page=auto#auto

I decided to add one thing that is used during GP racing - curve navigation; before virtually every turn, you should receive brief direction & distance guidance; in trying to be true to the GP reality, the distance numbers are placed on the OPPOSITE side to the direction of turning.

The track contains Intro, in-game MT and outro, and several custom signs (chicane left, chicane right), but these shouldn't really be needed.

Please don't forget to provide feedback to authors of tracks you play - both positive and negative feedback is NEEDed to improve.


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View User ProfileSend Private Message [ATP] Alcator 08-Nov-2006
Thank you, Tonic :-)

Heah, thanks for the award. In the forums, in the Community projects section, there's a thread at the top "TMX Monthly Track Contest" - read the specs there.

This track is not meant to be played fullspeed. the banked U-turn after the jump needs a little slowing (or actually it's enough to tap the brakes a bit to level the car upon landing).

This track is obviously NOT a remake of any existing or planned GP track, but as far as it was possible, I wanted to give it the GP look - fast chicanes, shorter and longer curves, only small vertical difference...

Thank you, smok3y...

Thank you very much, [KOFS]Jonkster_NZ, for your extensive award - that's the kind of feedback I really like to read. :-)

Thank you, Andree; Normally, on Formula 1 and similar GPs, there are three pillars prior to curves: 150 meters, 100 meters and 50 meters. Since placing such pillars in TM:N track like this is virtually impossible (they would occupy too much space and there's often no room for them), I decided to put them as MT effects. So, I'm trying to create the "illusion" or "impression" of some guide that tells you "warning - attention - turn!"

Ricardo Rix, for you, I'm providing "Alcator GP-MT by View User ProfileSend Private Message [ATP] Alcator" -- it doesn't have those effects.

*sighs* Well, by Jozii's award, this track has become my 2nd most succesful track award-wise. Not that I wouldn't want this track to be succesful, no - I'm glad you like it, but I wish my other tracks, in which I was definitely more creative than here, got as much attention and credit :-)

Thank you, Jozii, comments like yours are the exact type of feedback we authors need to improve.

Thanks, teisen, however I'm afraid race tracks are not exactly my cup of tea -- I'm more into stunts and also more "free" racing (inflatable platforms etc.)... Thanks for the comment.

Thank you, Salkiniklas, for your award.

Thanks a lot, Bindstar!
User Awards
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User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message Tonic 08-Nov-2006
Great track
Nice speed.
Great MT, very nice intro.
Simple but very fun to drive.
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message HeaH 08-Nov-2006
... For the montly TMX track contest? What does that means?

Anyway. Nice track! Should be great online
There's a turn after a jump where I can't go fullspeed... It's a little pitty But it is to be true for the GP?
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message smok3y 08-Nov-2006
Now thats again a very very good GP map....
Superb corners .....
Nice flow and speed......
Very very good MT work
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message Jonkster Has left the building 09-Nov-2006
Great GP map alcator

I really liked this GP map Alcy, some great speed with those chicanes really taking your breath away as you fly through them!

I also like the technical aspect, you cant finish the race with your pedal welded to the floor, instead you actually need quite a bit of skill to get a great time (this is why no replay from me )

You really did well to keep the realistic feel to the race, it was a plausable course, and even the outo looked real with a mixture of what could have been ground mounted cameras and a helicoptors overview. So good work

Award from me -------->

User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message Andree 09-Nov-2006
Didnt understand the Curveindicators during the race, but havent seen those before, maybe take some time to get used to.
But the track is a real pleasure to drive
Fun from start to finish
Great work

User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message Ricardo Rix 09-Nov-2006
obvoiusly lots of time and effort gone into this, and it shows - all round professional touches.
Not a fan of the MT signs in-game.

The racing is very smooth and would make for excellent on-line rounds action.


I know you are looking for some helpful hints, the best I can offer is if you held your tongue a bit more, then maybe u'd get more awards
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message Jozii 10-Nov-2006
Hey, brilliant GP track! I like the fact that it twists and turns so much, cause it brings in that specific "easy for noobs to complete, but hard for exparts to complete with a good time" which I asked for in the contest (didn't use those exact words, though ).

I also like the fact that you made it laps (although only one lap, but still), cause that too helps on the GP style

Also, I like the scenery

Good job!
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message teisen 10-Nov-2006
Well done,Great gp track m8.
Good Intro,Great outro.
Good mt work.
Keep making more tracks like that m8.

User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message Niklas G. 10-Nov-2006
I found those custom signs pretty helpful for the first run...

Greeat job
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message [ATP]Bindstar 15-Nov-2006
Alky, this is a pretty awesome track you've got here!
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