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Name: Download The Elvenpath
Pack: (no track pack)
By: View User ProfileSend Private Message tamonte
Version: 31-Oct-2007
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
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Game: TM Nations
Type: Race Style: Offroad
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
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Author Comments

DOWNLOAD THE MEDIAPACK and unzip it to TMN’s main directory. The files will be automatically placed where they should.alternative link

Mininum system requirements: PC2 shading
Recommended system requirements: PC3 shading

The Elvenpath VIDEO (youtube)

Once upon in the Middle Ages, there were rumours of strange sounds coming from within a deep northern forest.
It was said that those who dared to enter it would never return.
This is the tale of THE ELVENPATH!

Music: “Elvenpath” by Nightwish
Custom Mod: The Elvenpath (using TMX City Nights lighting)

Track numbers:

Coppers: 5277

Files: 55
Images: 7
Sounds: 10
Advertisements: 38

MT blocks: 145
Intro: 23
Ingame: 39
Outro: 83

Thx to the betatesters:
Amit.d, Crusard, ESUS|Unreal, Fenni, Kendal-NL, smok3y & TStarGermany

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

tamonte The Spirit of the Forest hails to:

TStarGermany The Wisp
Crusard The Dragon
Shanki The Pixie
P_cunha The Elf
sewsebbe The Sparhawk
DerIkeaElch The Sorcerer
MiniZyko The Minotaur
ESUS|UnReal The Beast
Kendal-NL The Moonwitch
nwo|Sandder The Elvish Speaker
jonnywonny The Wraith
Wasser The Siren
Low_B The Elven Wanderer
everton The Snowman
DaveDreaD The Dread Zombie
Warman The Elvish Warrior
smok3y The Nightwolf
Amit.d The Willow
Angel Death himself
Zouzoupitchoume The Elven Scout
maysen The Swamp Monster
oskarso The Ogre
Jaypsi The Elvish Farmer
SpeedTek The Black Stallion
Pm MNM The Monk
Seitaridis The Savage
r.i.p»shund« The Death
GPT The Elven Ranger
[-TDU-]NiTRO The BlueCloack
rycardoo The Headless Horseman
LoCoBuDDha The Priest
Gockel The Goblin
BanaaniHai The Spriggan
HwanDoo The Orc
-ZeX- Team The Elvish Hunter
cl_ment The Dwarf
ARTY MORTY The Bear King
rolliphon The Light Demon
SabineGoth The Snow White
Tor himself
publicPUBLIC The Elven Lyrist
TXI The Dungeon Skeleton
THE WALL90 The Gatekeeper
TaNaKuRo The Green Lizzard
atka2013 The Myst Spectre
Samuel The Madrigal
r.i.p.»agipov« The Crow
Bened The Brownie
double-te The Doppelganger
ula#Nuno->-NOAM- The Wood Elf
HAWK_GER The Firebird
Renauldo The Ent
slayer4 The Kinslayer
Powershot The Arch Mage
racingpig The Slime Frog
OnD.Arild The Unicorn
ScorpBY The Basilisk

User Comments
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View User ProfileSend Private Message tamonte 23-Mar-2008
Mecas The Elvish Archer
bLiNk The Jack Frost
Wolverine itself
TUGARacer The Shaman
doben The Dark Elf
killerball The Hellhound
FLASH[RUS] The Sparkling Fairy
Rotaermel The White Wizzard
IMP3R!AL himself
Krallmann The Bayard
RIDIN-->DIRTY The Forest Ghost
bajs The Imp
pwf The Merry Minstrel
Racer F1 The High Elf
BrummHummel The Giant Spider
xamix The Hall Guardian
RacerSpooky The Swamp Troll
pls BlaziN The Wishmaster
T!R»Daddy The Joker
t1mer The Silverclockmaker
AutoKuski The Amazon
FoxShadow The Grey Fox
Tonic_91 The Storyteller
Qybdus The Elf Mutant
Elite-Panda The Snotling
Duffy* The Chimera
PhillipR The Old Wise
oliverde8 The Scarecrow
TimeBreaker The Pegasus
manana The Night-Elf
Moses The Cleric
Emil Hjelm The Thief
Blue_Troll itself
Seychellen The Rogue
Fenni The Owl
D@rK@nGe The Dark Angel
T_Z_ The Dire Tiger
Lord M'zn The Necromancer
TBpommes The Griffin
drakum The Vampire
The Elven Forest has reached 100 inhabitants! Thank you!

Justicool The Lich
Apanharatas The Cave Rat
RaVaGER The Steel Raven
EsusShorty The Halfling
FuckingG00d The Centaur
SpeedLinePT The Druid
ToM_ The Elven Chopper
bafuruca The Balrog
GX-ÐeAth The Assassin
Pocho The Hobbit
[UTc]m&m's The Half-Elf
(SF)Wessel The Paladin
MrNoLife The Undead
ReDeEmEr The Soul Reaver
Fecal_Matter The Pumpkin Head
aosshin The Barbarian
Pow3r The Winged Twilight
Cangal The Elf Stalker
XTL Textiles The Tailor
Sucidar The Elven Sacrificer
uP | Flyer The Phoenix
CRO|Bare The Gorgon
bacardy The Forest Drunk
gRmario The Bard
chubzy The Tree Spirit
Axan The Axe Thrower
Sarkya The Night Walker
Hyperion421 The King Hyperion
gbanoliver The Elvish Sleeper
newyatt The Marsh Yeti
dr_disaster The Alchemist
Edi_Pauser The Lamia
galyaszedit The Elven Piper
epivitor The Dracula
Alban The Albino Elk
Pimplik The Riddler
TaSo The Gargoyle
saladin The Elf Skirmisher
karita The Evil Mistress
Rawblue The Minion
Dazzler The Hero
Pac-Man The Pacifist
Smoky_Billy The Fire Banner
View User ProfileSend Private Message Frx ben75 15-Apr-2008
Sorry, but I can not play this game that PC1 even PC0. However, it appears that a trace shows the right path. I can not bring rewards to the extent that I can not finish the runway. Indeed, this famous track becomes invisible in PC0 and PC1.
(Sorry, I use the google translator )
View User ProfileSend Private Message tamonte 15-Apr-2008
yes...sorry Ben! The Elvenpath is only visible in PC2 or PC3... :\

The_KILLER himself
M@ke The Stargazer
Jelle999 The Jelly Monster
¤TMN¤Fonzy The Blood Elf
Wolff The Dire Wolf
SJ@TMN The Trow
L7Arya The Elf Lover
T§K m0zart The Music Head
buddy The Ratman
Hock The Knight
kiko31 The Missionary
ATP|NitroGuY The Bogie
Jake. The Maverick Elf
Optimusje The Wyvern
Playa The Hydra
+Otto The Giant Otter
DeFacer The Leprechaun
M¥GeR The Fire Elf
Larz The Air Elf
[FMT] RáW The Earth Elf
Jyrr The Water Elf
Eren011 The Torturer of Elves
.Dave.#GER The Great Eagle
e1skaffeeManiaC The Lycanthrope
BlitzManiaC The Healer
Aap. The Big Ape
LA Power The Salamander
ToFastForYou The Light Crawler
-DCC|Bokito' The Old Librarian
vladish_ The Impaler
McBain The Assassin Vine
BadBoyzPolak The Dark Minion
LA'z|Bluedragon itself
Peteypablo7 The Giant Scorpion
ReileM The Banshee
[NZK]Hr.Mann The Elvish Rider
-BTB-Panter The Forest Panther
anna N damid The Rainbow Serpent
Protylon The Howler
-Matsie- The Blacksmith
mingger The White Moth
Rifou The Black Butterfly
Showtime The Elven Preformer
Xenoty_453 The Big Mole
EuroRacer The Elf Spy
DiArt The Painter
3ll0 The Listener
Captain Jack Sparrow himself
v3nray The Wight
Zhuckar The Baker
Aloha The Centicore
ASF Dean0 The Bicorne
nouseforname The Unnamed Elf
View User ProfileSend Private Message McBain 24-May-2008
damn cheater replays below 50s i thought they found a trick but now i drove against a replay and i see that they deleted the "You must follow the Elvenpath" Really stupid.
View User ProfileSend Private Message SAMY 25-May-2008
Debile! I am decu tamonte, they see the mod not really and the small way which leads to arrive it apparait no. I have redemarer game to plusieur taken back even in TMNF and ca step not. Contrary to Venice Challenge or gta seagul steven they see Mod and panels personifying!

PS: try to make a map urban as INDUSTRIAL DEPOT
Debile ! Je suis decu tamonte, on voit pas vraiment le mod et le petit chemin qui mène à l'arriver n'apparait pas . J'ai redemarer le jeu à plusieur reprise même dans TMNF et ca marche pas . Contrairement à Venise Challenge ou gta steven seagul ... on voit le Mod et les panneaux personnaliser !

PS: essayer de faire une map urbaine comme INDUSTRIAL DEPOT
View User ProfileSend Private Message Frx ben75 07-Jun-2008
@SAMY: you should change your graphic card.
View User ProfileSend Private Message Tailes 20-Dec-2009
Can you please reupload the mediapack, both of the links dont work anymore...
View User ProfileSend Private Message Mazter 07-Jun-2011
Haha nix is Dennis
Das ist mein WR und es wird auch meiner bleiben
View User ProfileSend Private Message Scrapie 07-Jun-2011
soll karjeN mal zeigen?
View User ProfileSend Private Message Mazter 07-Jun-2011
Mach doch... aber ob er es trotzdem macht is die andere Frage... er is schließlich nich dein Schoßhündchen, das dir gehorcht
View User ProfileSend Private Message Fusion.Shanki 07-Jun-2011
+1 maz <3
View User ProfileSend Private Message Scrapie 08-Jun-2011
nö ich weis. er gehorcht mir net nur alles was er an classic zu fahren kriegt wird hochgeladen
View User ProfileSend Private Message Fusion.Shanki 08-Jun-2011
View User ProfileSend Private Message Scrapie 09-Jun-2011
yo mD

Hahaha Onio
View User ProfileSend Private Message stujs 24-Apr-2013
Can you please Re upload, both links are no more working
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User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message Zyao 13-Jun-2008
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message ImBoredxD 11-Jul-2008
Simply.. AMZAING!! MAAAN I could play this track forever ;D Lovin' your tracks! Keep it up
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message Turbo-Freak 29-Jul-2008
very nice track
coole Music

User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message Sazu 10-Mar-2009
well...i must say...

fucking amazing track!!!!

would be too lazy to to so much work...great respect!!
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message MightyGamer 19-Nov-2009
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message Mazter 04-Jun-2011
Whether with or without elvenpath, this map is definitley a great map!
The tech part is a bit unusual, but after playing some time it rocks!
Not to mention the offroad part, which is hard to be done perfect and so being perfect for gaining lots of time
So, all in all, we got a perfect Tech/Offroad map here, as good as nearly no other map has ever been!

User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message Roomie¬ 14-Jun-2011
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