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Name: Download Attack Speed
Pack: (no track pack)
By: View User ProfileSend Private Message nap303~
Version: 25-Mar-2006
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations
Type: Race Style: Race
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
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Download Replay 0:44.22 View User ProfileSend Private Message ???_the_fuel_e...+ 0:00.00-This world record is contributing to the Classic Leaderboard rank.
Top 10ByDifferenceScoreLB
Download Replay 0:44.25 View User ProfileSend Private Message GSA|dynamYte-o...+ 0:00.03-This replay is NOT contributing to any leaderboard rank.
Download Replay 0:44.40 View User ProfileSend Private Message NotJenny+ 0:00.18-This replay is NOT contributing to any leaderboard rank.
Download Replay 0:44.42 View User ProfileSend Private Message oNio+ 0:00.20-This replay is NOT contributing to any leaderboard rank.
Download Replay 0:44.46 View User ProfileSend Private Message weird0oo+ 0:00.24-This replay is NOT contributing to any leaderboard rank.
Download Replay 0:44.49 View User ProfileSend Private Message ouN|SiS+ 0:00.27-This replay is NOT contributing to any leaderboard rank.
Download Replay 0:44.62 View User ProfileSend Private Message Kast+ 0:00.40-This replay is NOT contributing to any leaderboard rank.
Download Replay 0:44.65 View User ProfileSend Private Message MG|Myke #CZE+ 0:00.43-This replay is NOT contributing to any leaderboard rank.
Download Replay 0:44.66 View User ProfileSend Private Message =ITA=Quistis+ 0:00.44-This replay is NOT contributing to any leaderboard rank.
Download Replay 0:44.66 View User ProfileSend Private Message Deltod+ 0:00.44-This replay is NOT contributing to any leaderboard rank.
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Author Comments

BIG THANKS 12434 downloads (May-2013 now)

This is a speed course.
Please pass the last area at full speed.
intro - no
ingame - yes
outro - no
Authortime is 00:46.06
Please enjoy it.

WR player!..(I thought less than 44.80 is impossible........ )
less than 44.70...unbelievableeeee!!!!!!
less than 44.80...unbelievable!!!!!
less than 44.90...fantastic!!!
less than 45.00...wonderful!!
less than 45.10...superb!

---------Fast than 41.30 players---------
Unbelievabllleeeee time!!!!!! [ATD]KasT
Unbelievabllleeeee time!!!!!! [ATD]QuistisAngel
Unbelievable time!!!!! Fl°ri4n
Unbelievable time!!!!! Buzz*
Fantastic time!!! [dp]DUX
Wonderful time!! ESUS|UnReal
Superb time ! topher
Superb time ! [TIB]-Day
Superb time ! Grimblade.Reddy
Superb time ! Silverdemon
Superb time ! Boost

User Comments
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View User ProfileSend Private Message nap303~ 25-Mar-2006
----------Thanx for ----------

BIGGG Thx TEP=Demon= for fast(1st) and awesome comments.
Thx pitstep Great cool comments & wonderful award, Awesome time!!
Wow, BIG Thx DarcKz_68 Incredible comments from you, Nice time!!
Thx ORA for comments I'm very glad you enjoyed the track!!
Thx _HELTALLICA What a wonderful comments, award!!!
Thx =_n4drive= I really appreciate nice comments & award.
Thx Andree I always appreciate your detailed reviews, THX.
Thx Daveed I am glad that you felt nice, great comments.
Thx D@rK@nGe I'm glad you felt good track, nice comments.
Thx Speedy I'm glad youl iked it, I like the splendid words, Nice time!!
Thx RaVaGER Really appreciate wondrful commnets & award.
Thx Omega79 Really appreciate wondrful commnets & award.
Thx Yard Wasted The splendid comments boosts my joy.
Thx mario2112 for Japanstyle being used with your server so much.
BIG Thx DerFeineHerr for nice comments, glad you enjoyed the track
Thx DEnGel I'm appreciate the comment. I'm glad you like it.
Thx -Axis- for impressive comment from you. nice words.
Thx cruzader I'm happy you like this than a Japan style.
Thx kroozer The great comment makes me glad, Great time!!
Thx Tom for chosen my course from speedy courses, Great time!!
Thx Deng You say such nice things. the record is impressive.
Thx GanjaRider It is moved that I got the great award from you.
Thx ostmjuk_hamster for cool comment I intended to have put it
intelligibly. However, if it has disturbed you, I'm sorry. I improve it on the next time.
Thx Ludix I'm glad you felt nice track and wonderful time!!
Thx Silverdemon Splendid award. WR is really awesome time, you too.
Thx TEP Really for many incredible commnets. Glad you liked it.
Thx AdyP for cool comments from you and great time !
Thx Jet Black I appreciate that you felt the speed and pleasure.
Thx Omega79 You say such great cool comments & award.
Thx Ron_Turbo This splendid compliment that you always give.
Thx Gadget for the 30 award. very nice comment from you.
Thx Selinde I am glad that you felt nice, great comments.
Thx scottmc for wondeful comments & award. Happy you enjoyed it.
Thx garglesand for great comment, Glad you liked it.
Thx RacerSpooky I really appreciate the splendid comment.
Thx Eliminator You say such awesome things. It's a nice comments
Thx bmf for great comments & award. Thank you very much.
Thx bkb98 I'm appreciate nice comments. great comment from you.
Thx Scythesman Really fantastic comments. The time is sweet time!!
Thx Derek0660 Nice comment to win through up to an impression
Thx Djoszee for the 40 on this track. splendid comments.
Thx Deanwick for impressive commeting. very glad you enjoyed it.
Thx tracker I am glad that you felt nice, great comments.
Thx Puinbakker for nice comment & award. appreciate it.
Thx a lot Cologneandy for many superb words. I thank for what you test it with a server.
View User ProfileSend Private Message Yard Wasted 25-Mar-2006
Thanks for the view change edit--very nice fast track!
View User ProfileSend Private Message nap303~ 25-Mar-2006
I'm sorry. I do not yet understand
a way of setting of a viewpoint change.
I study more and improve it.

I took introduction ingame of a track
of great people and improved it.

I am sorry; great two players
I hope they take out a better record.
View User ProfileSend Private Message Calahan 26-May-2006
Can you change the race in
a 3-laps-speed-race, too?
View User ProfileSend Private Message nap303~ 02-Jun-2006
Thx TLS for a wonderful comments & very good award.
Thx Dark_System It's a very nice word. the comment makes me glad.
Thx tdf_3_flash really great feedback and nice word.
Thx Calahan comment is very good. I appreciate that.
Thx JumperJack I like that sweet comments. merci jack!
Thx Jonkster_NZ for amazing words. glad you enjoyed.
Thx Seychellen What a cool comments. great award too.
Thx 3DA~Fez I appreciate nice cmments and amazing time!!
Thx Rose Tattoo I'm glad to hear that. and great comments!!
Thx Yaya I 'm glad your great comment. cool award too.
Thx Cheesebeau It's a brilliant comment. I like the award.
Thx killer putzi for wonderful comment & very nice award.
Thx FireFistAce for really good feedback & nice award
Thx bloodelves88 Very nice comments makes me glad.
Thx Dulac I appreciate that your terrific comment & award.
Thx *ßlack-Ðog for 60th appreciate good comment.
Thx Gommers It is your awesome award. appreciate big comment!
Thx YTMB j3st3r for great and very cool award & word.
Thx [ATD]KasT for best award,commments and.. wonderful time!!!
Thx Globetrotter for superb feedback from you. nice award.
Thx everton The comment is Splendid. awesome award too.
Thx MX-II for your excellent comments. I like great award.
Thx Weebel your awesome commeting makes me glad. merci!!
Thx firehorse feel happy you enjoyed my track appreciate!
Thx RKO 90 =ITA= for birilliant comments. and I feel honored.
Thx morris16 for splendid feedback from you. nice award!!
Thx Zippage it is impressive commenting. so glad you like it.
Wow, Big Thx [ATP]DrDeth2 I became so happy when I read the comment. it is really 1 of best award! merci!!!
Thx Bara Really coolest comments!! I like your nice award.
Thx t@f for brilliant commenting from you. appreciate that!
Thx Omega Weapon.it for nice award!! record....god bravo!!!!!
Thx teisen my friend teisen. your comments is always superb!!
Thx Fl°ri4n I'm so glad you like it, you have god record too!!!
Thx a lot crooms your huge commenting. the award is great too.
Thx kiko31 I really appreciate nice comments & award.
Thx Khor I love your incredible commenting. great award!!
Thx Snorys for lovely feedbacks! Also, cool commenting.
Thx !TOx!C! I appreciate your such a good awarding.
Thx Matthieu for cooler commenting. so glad you feel like that!
Thx T_Z_ Your impressive comemnting are great!! merci!!
Thx SeGa for incredible award. It is 1 of favorite commenting.
Thx BeeB0b lovely awarding from you. really cooller words.
Thx Quick_one really appreciate that your great comment.
Thx Windfux for your great words, I love these awards.
Thx Diablo21 exceed that the wording is needless to say.
Thx PRAYER for great award I'm glad you enjoyed that.
Thx Whiteblooder for excellently feedback! I'm glad your word.
Thx NCCPepsi for cool award from you. I appreciate it!

Thx [ATP]DrDeth2 I was overwhelmed with tremendous words!!! Really fantastic commets!!
Yes, Gommers! it is great track, smooth and fast!! fun to drive it.

View User ProfileSend Private Message OSTAW|Fezete© 16-Jun-2006
I just got 44.76 online!!!
View User ProfileSend Private Message nap303~ 17-Jun-2006
Wow, Unbelievable time!!! 3DA~Fez ! and thx for playing it.
View User ProfileSend Private Message Gommers 30-Jul-2006
lol Ganja Rider
View User ProfileSend Private Message [ATP]DrDeth2 15-Sep-2006
lol id like to add something to my award, i have noticed that panis' track Moving power has 217 awards now... this track is way better than that track IMO this track should have at least 250 awards WAY better than moving power, IMO moving power sucked no great jumps wasn't all that speedy places in which it was not smooth, loops were not all that smooth, it has nothing on this one, i wish i could make a track this good
View User ProfileSend Private Message Gommers 18-Sep-2006
I have Ode to nap303~
here is the track for nap303~:
"Ode to nap303~ by View User ProfileSend Private Message Gommers" pls , award it for more Ode to nap303~
View User ProfileSend Private Message SWRT#Fl°ri4n 05-Nov-2006
come on nap !!! more tracks from you, please
View User ProfileSend Private Message nap303~ 08-Jan-2007
Hi Fl°ri4n , I appreciate your cool comment and awesome record.
Sorry, I leave from tmn on October 2006 and not play now.

Thx element-x I like splendid comments from you very much, thx!!
Thx Chrom67 for your awesome comments and superb award.
It is really cool!
Thx ICEMD The so nice award makes me happy, really glad!!

Downloads : 3767 [08-01-2007]
---BIG Thx for all your awards and comments!!!---
View User ProfileSend Private Message SpeedTek 17-Feb-2007
No intro, no outro, very bad author validation time, poor scenery. Although re-using start line is very unique, I don't understand, why this track has 100 awards.
Sorry, this track is unfinished, no from me.

View User ProfileSend Private Message acura_rsx 04-Mar-2009
this is one of the best tracks for everybody and MT work, Authortime and Scenery isnt important...
the track must be good not the scenery
and bad authortime? was the authortimes on ur maps good? -.-*
View User ProfileSend Private Message Mess 11-Apr-2010
beyond awesome ^^
View User ProfileSend Private Message TimeBreaker 11-Apr-2010
wtf dyna
you should try the other new nap tracks on tmnf as well
View User ProfileSend Private Message ???_the_fuel_economy 11-Aug-2011
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User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message DeLaBoom 13-Oct-2010
Very Cool Map nap

User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message Uweq 28-Aug-2011
really nap
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