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After 3 month of (very) low activity, I'm back !

Also on TMU.

Made in France.
Here is my newest tech-track . I'm proud of this track.

»Tech Session by View User ProfileSend Private Message Vitro

Here is my newest FS track. .................. (without scenery )

Black Betty by View User ProfileSend Private Message Vitro

If you don't no what to do try my tracks:

"[LB] Under My Umbrella" is a tech-track , from the BB/LB project with Peteypablo7. ~ 50 sec
"Morning View" is a tech-track , I'm proud of the beginning. ~ 45 sec
"Still Alive" is a little full-speed track, so hard. ~ 30 sec
"Manra" is a little (again) tech-track , easy to finish. ~ 35 sec
"Vitamin" is a tech-track , the first track I uploaded. ~ 1 min 10

You can too to try my minis : ~ 20 sec all

"Mini 01°", my first mini, full-speed , my first intro too.
"Mini 02°", full-speed again but this one is... different wtih some new ideas, very hard to play.

My next track will be, (I think) Nebula : a tech-track.
I did also 2 minis not uploaded.

I'm making a fullspeeder serie but, I think, I'll never upload it ( ), cause I hate to make scenery, ...

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