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My Friends:
- iHardDance
- Optimusje
- -Ràw-
- Gekko12482
- Bubbleman12
- WopZ

I made a video topic that you can see here

Have a look at this community track
Belgian - Dutch Community Track by View User ProfileSend Private Message BE-NE-Community

Best downloaded track: Ski-jump 2008 with 195 dlds (give it a try for the WR)

I'm always in for some duotracks or to help you with your screen (see mine if you want to see what I can)
I'm working on screenies from time to time.
If you want me to make one for you just PM me and tell me what track

Since some time my youngest brother is on tmx too
Here you can find his account.
Hello, I'm from Belgium my name is Timothy (like Timothy Dalton ) and I'm 19. Birthday on 07/06 and I was born in 1988 , that was a very good year. I'm living in a small village (population around 8000) near the city 'Kortrijk'. Kortrijk is famous because of 'Busworld". That's almost the biggest exposition of touring cars in the whole world. I'm still going to school, following nursing (or however you call it)

If you want to see something of me I can recommend you the next:

Tech In A Box by View User ProfileSend Private Message Peteypablo7

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