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Hello all

I'm a french builder who live next to Marseille (The best city of the world ), and i'm 14

I make all style of tracks (tech, fullspeed, minis, [PF] )

If you want make a duo with me, or if you have a question, send me a pm .
I can make a screenshot for you if you want. Go visit my gallery to see what i can make


Here is my new track :

[PF]Pulp Fiction by View User ProfileSend Private Message Niño.F®

And here are my 2 best track (most awarded) :

Look the lonely sky by View User ProfileSend Private Message Niño.F®

The Moon Path* by View User ProfileSend Private Message Niño.F®



Finished : 3

"Elendium by View User ProfileSend Private Message Kiko31-Elnino0013"
"Slide Zone by View User ProfileSend Private Message Kiko31-Elnino0013"
"Nevermind by View User ProfileSend Private Message Metal-Snake_Elnino"

In preparation: 2 with the french community


My tracks

-I'm making the tracks of my new serie


Well, i hope you'll like my maps



Plz try this fantastic tribute to me, made by my friend Low-Cash

Tribute to *Niño* by View User ProfileSend Private Message Low-Cash*TMNF

And this other SPLENDID tribute made by me friend Metal-snake

~Niño~ by View User ProfileSend Private Message Metal_Snake.F®


Here is the classement of my favorite builders with the differents styles
1 author can be in only 1 category (except in my friend category )

[PF] builders :

Fullspeeds builders :

Tech builders :


"Minis" builders :


My friends :


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