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we're domination, we're better, faster 'n stronger than ever and ever! it's time to revolutionize tmnx. iMappers...


So, actually don't know where to start.Maybe with some Informations about me:
19 years old
from Germany
Pls visit my own tm-blog

Doesn't matter if i'm not the best driver, on the other way i'm one of the best and most activiest member here at TMNX. So, if you want to make a Duo with me or just ask me something, just ask me. You're always welcome.


Things i actually don't like:
Red Inflatibles
Lol Maps (already have had, and everytime the same, so shut up pls xD)
Stupid Names for Tracks like Revolution, or Drifting
some overrated tracks at TMNFX
the unfairness at TMNFX. most of the really good tracks don't get a chance.
i also dislike bad screens, for example where you can she the HUD or something strange. so, you can always ask me for making screens for you. More: Scroll Down!


You are German and search for friends? We are germans and want to be your frirend. Have a look at our Website! You can find a big german Community. We are able to help at problems. When you are bored you can visit our Puplic and Short Server online. If you want to extend your skills at mapping or driving, we got some new brilliant Tuturials. So if you want to get one of us. Just join and say Hello!


So, as i said you can always ask me for screens and of course screens for screen-compos, but i prefer the first, because it's always bad to make screens, although they'll no going to be the first one. But who cares. I'm always happy to see pm, maybe from newbies who actually don't know how to make a good screenshot. If you want, just send me pm or message me at ICQ

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