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Here is the latest track I've build.
So, test it and have fun!

Life is like a Dance by View User ProfileSend Private Message Krabs...

Author Comments:
Life Is Like A Dance

Here is my new track, Life Is Like A Dance.
This time, it's a techtrack of about 50 sec, a bit longer than my last techtracks.
It's sometimes hard to get the curves perfect, 'cause some are pretty tight.
I used many transitions to get a track, which fits to its name.
I also tried to make it really flowy.
Another reason for the name is a great jumpstyle song.
Jumping Jacks - Life is like a Dance(Youtube)
Now have fun!

Track Details:

Lenght: ~50 seconds
Style: Tech
Difficulty: expert
Coppers: 2000
Author time: 51.06
Gold medal: 53.68
silver medal: 58.52
bronze medal: 1.12.34

-nice slides
-a few jumps
-drops/into drifts

of course i'm happy with everyone's award

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