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Hi, The names Kakkoii

I've been a player of Trackmania since the days of TMO, playing on an off over the years. And am very experienced in the ways of Trackmanianism .

I'm a long time artist, and a perfectionist when it comes to track making. I do my best to make a nice looking track, while at the same time constantly tweaking my track until I think its perfect. (But as any perfectionist would know, your never satisfied with your end result. Cause theres always something you think you can improve on.)

So I try my best to make quality tracks. I may not have a lot of tracks in my profile. But don't you think that should be a good thing?
Instead of making a new track every week or so, I spend a lot of time on a single track and then finally release it when I feel it's become a great track. Not just another good track.. a UNIQUE Track.

So I hope everyone enjoys my tracks and all the hard work I always put into them. And thank you for all the nice comments and awards.
April 6th, 2008

Here is a second mixblock track from me! Can you believe I made this in a single 18hour sitting? Explains why the ending is a bit half assed lol.

I would have liked to spend more time improving it..But it was for the 5 day track contest and I started making it on the last day LOL. And can't update it cause people have records on it haha.

Anyways... enjoy SNAKES DEN!
Snakes Den by View User ProfileSend Private Message Kakkoii

Feb 26th, 2008

Check out my latest track Trackmixania, This track is a long time in the making. I put my heart and soul into it. And am hoping to get it on the frontpage showcase. If you like it please help me out and award it.
Trackmixania by View User ProfileSend Private Message Kakkoii

(I also made a mod for it, So you have to play the track for a bit, then restart your game client and play it again for the mod to activate.)

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