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Login : MightyGamer
Registered : 15-Jun-2008
Website : ww.mightygamertmx.com
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Greetingz to All :-)

I am Here on TMX because of Starkiller He told me about ths TMX website

About Me...
Real Name : HaseeB Arif Mir
Nick Name : ShibuZ
HomeTown : India
Age : 23

Other TMX accounts

Status in TMX
¤Tracks : 22
¤Awards : 258
¤Style: Tech driver and Mapper
¤Hightest rating : 380
¤Most Commented Track : Happy Bday ivica 111 comments
¤Best track : Handicap 36's
¤Highest Rank in WR LB Rating : 1 [in july 2008]
¤Highest LB rating : 92,493 [in 30 december 2009]
¤My Highest LB rating track : Happy B'day Ivica 94,825 LB rating

Who Helped Me

Told me what to do and how to live in TMX .... ;-)

gived his useful opinion tht helped me in making much better tracks.... thnx Ma8

showed me how to build FS tracks and helped me in my tracks ... thnx Buddy *_*

helpd me in Making Screen and always gived useful tips... Thnx Man ~_*

Told me Good Things about Technical Driving..... thnx Max ^__^

Gived me professional tips on tech tracks thnx Ma8 -__-

Showed me Gr8 tips for driving and Better Builder.. thnx Mate :-)

Man who teached me how to Build Tracks and Showed me Vry Useful Tips whn i was New At TMX .thnx Nooxxi

My First Classic Track
Handicap by View User ProfileSend Private Message MightyGamer

Duo Tracks

With Henk
The Touch by View User ProfileSend Private Message Haseeb+Henk

Tributes For Me
Way to India by View User ProfileSend Private Message Ivica

Tribute to Shibuz by View User ProfileSend Private Message .Henk«

My Favourite Maps

Dutch Delight by View User ProfileSend Private Message GanjaRider

Ride by View User ProfileSend Private Message irondragons

2.Tech tracks
Insain Men by View User ProfileSend Private Message acer | noxx

TechNosia by View User ProfileSend Private Message TimeBreaker

3.Smooth Trax
Black Smoothness by View User ProfileSend Private Message DeFacer

EverLasting Smoothness by View User ProfileSend Private Message seaFs

4.Mini trax
Carni Valium by View User ProfileSend Private Message .dejavu|online

"Mini 58" by View User ProfileSend Private Message Swensen

Can u Beat Me?
* Wr & *HuntinG by View User ProfileSend Private Message .KinG.#POR

if u want me to drive on any of your's track or
want to build a track with me then just Message me
thats all about me :-)

PeaCe Out

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