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Hey all !!!

Some words about me:
My real name is Kamil but in game you know me as Maniek. I come from Poland. I was born on the 18.06.1993. I started playing this game exactly on 5 January 2009 (i know its bit late ).
I dont have my favourite style of maps, i like tech and fs the same, but in the beginning i drove only fs maps. After my join to GRF ( best team ever <3 ) i had to start driving on tech and im so happy about that.

Here are some of my favourite maps:

"Slide away!* by View User ProfileSend Private Message fak0r"
"ENKEL 2 by View User ProfileSend Private Message walkman"
"[ST] Driftin' Xmas! by View User ProfileSend Private Message insane/phat"
"NATIONS by View User ProfileSend Private Message nap303~"
"Out of Space by View User ProfileSend Private Message hoheb"
"FS~Dedicated to seaFs by View User ProfileSend Private Message ~Sphere"
"Visions. by View User ProfileSend Private Message Fusion.Shanki"


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