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Ohai, welcome to my account page

... A b o u t M e ...

Let's tell you something about me:
//Real Name: My real name is Julian
//Nation: I am German
//Age: I am 15 years old
//Ingame-name: My nickname is Fusion.Stunt
//favourite servers: My favourite servers are Roseserver and Fusion.Public

... M y T M - h i s t o r y ...

Well, the first time i played TMN was with a friend. I really liked the game so i also downloaded it, played some nadeos. But i didn't realize that there was also an online mode, and after some weeks it got boring because i knew all nadeo maps and i wasn't able to handle the editor, as a result i stopped playing for a while. About an half year later, i opened TMN again because i was bored. Then i saw the online mode, and i wanted to try it out. I created my online account with the login-name 'musicboy' with which i still play what you can see at the author name of all my tracks. The first server i joined was 'LukesFunArena'. Most of the maps there were much too hard for me because i was a real n00b, but i saw that trackmania is much more than single mode and nadeo maps. The next months i drove every day on this server, until i was able to finish most of the maps. my nick changed, i can't remember all nicks i had, but i can remember 'armageddon', and 'stunt=maniac'. One day, a guy named Racer (today his nick is saitek) wanted me to join his team called CM (Cola-Mix). because my nick was to long, i changed it to CM-Stunt. i have to say that everything was quite noobish and the clan didn't live a long time. But Saitek wanted to try again, and at all i was in about 5 clans with him. In this time i somewhen discovered the editor and TMX. At first i only downloaded the tracks i knew from LFA, but after some time i wanted to give awards and upload my own tracks. On 29th July 2009 I created an account with the nick ~Stunt., and not much changed as you can see, now it's Stunt.~ ^^. The first maps i built have never been uploaded, the first i uploaded was 'GET LOW' and it even got an award O:. After that i built a LOL-map-serie and some other nooblike FS-tracks. A guy who always tested my maps was GSA|Infinity. The first techmap i built was 'Control', also quiet bad but i didn't know that^^. The first map that got some awards was the fullspeeder 'Silence', but the first tech map with some awards was 'Green Mini', the first track of my coloured-mini serie. Now i think that i am quite good mapping, MT, Scenery and screenmaking, but enough from my tracks now, you can check them all yourself. The last clan with Saitek was 'trd' which was also a bit succesful, but then i joined FusionGaming and i am still there. A really nice community and the most active clan in TMN. I also have TMNF and TMU, but i am not really active there.

... M y M a p s ...

In total I have 34 tracks, here i want you to show only some of them:
//My newest track: "(MTC) Collapsed..." - A tech/speedtech track for the MTC October
//My best fullspeed track: "[FS] Shuffle! by View User ProfileSend Private Message Fusion.Stunt" - A small fullspeed track for the FusionGaming-MTC of August
//My best tech tracks: (1.) "Ode to OWN Opdal" - An old track by me, a bit oldschool and still one of my favourites
(2.) "(MTC) Collapsed..." - also one of my bests, but this a totally other style than (1.). My most awarded map.
(3.) "10x10 Sidewalk." - a track built in a 10x10 area. quite high speed for such a small track.
//My most underrated map: "Excalibur*" - also a track built for the FusionGaming - MTC. Please try it out.

... L a s t W o r d s ...

Thanks for lookíng at my account page and please check out some of my maps.
...damn 4000 characters limit -.-


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