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Hi all i go present myself

Name: Fábio Mendes
Country: Portugal
Age: 24
Team: No official team at the moment but i'm a member of Yeah Community
Favourite kind of tracks: Fullspeed, RPG, some dirt and most of all Mission / Story tracks
My Track style: I try to inovate with different styles, in my tmnf-x tracklist you can find dirty, fullspeed, and mini tracks but no genuine tech tracks and now i'm trying to learn how to improve my skills to make some good story tracks

My tracks
A# Ring Tracks
"A1 Ring"
"A2 Ring"
"A3 Ring"
"A4 Ring"

My first track ever!!!!!!!
"Mega Track 1"

My FS tracks
"Gothic Angel (tmn)"
"Cosmic Dreamer - MTC"

My colorful slides serie
"Blue Slides"
"Green Slides"
"Red Slides"

My Trackmania Nations Forever Exchange account

My Trackmania United Exchange account

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