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Good day my friends!

Youtube channel - http://goo.gl/HFHxnV
Twitter - https://twitter.com/DolanCZ

I'm back from a long break and gonna be building tracks! If you expected something other than tracks, uhh, sorry.

I am older, I have more experiences and my english is finally in a good state to be used on the internet. My favourite artistic style (By artistic I mean in terms of Trackmania) is Minimalism. Just make the track look good, ellegant and good looking with the minimum of decorative resources. I become better at graphic designing and I am even becoming amateur artst, so you can check out my deviantart account.

So a 2016 update. Even though I many times forgot about this place I still have a strange bond to this community and here was the first place people actually appreciated my creativity and I always feel proud looking at what I was able to create.

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