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Favourite maps ever:
"G-6 by View User ProfileSend Private Message Nadeo" (map of Rouen's Trophy FNAC; which I lost against ¤DM¤ZoBi whom I would later join the team)
"RZA-KiXs by View User ProfileSend Private Message kirz" (the map that brought me into competition back in 2006, which I lost in RZA but now own the WR)
"Hello.NatioN. by View User ProfileSend Private Message pod.BanZzai" (because it is awesome)
"Sigur Rós by View User ProfileSend Private Message Neocreed" (I don't know why-I find it beautiful and simple; it reminds me I arrived on TMN a few months too late and couldn't participate in GC4)
"!ns!de TMN by View User ProfileSend Private Message -Lr-SadHik" (back when maps had a style)
"STC3-Rax-B by View User ProfileSend Private Message Rax" (this is actual tech, and this is good. We (DM) played this map against CK/w1 and lost. We would later win the STC4 though)

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