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Welcome on my TMNX site

Name in Game: Fusion!PeGe
Clan: Fusion
Favorite Style: Full Speed
Announcements: really inactive at the moment! sorry bros!
About me:

I'm a 18 years old guy from Germany,
playin Trackmania Nations ESWC since Oktober 2010. I started building maps in November
and hope u have fun on them. I'm always happy about feedback in any kind...
My hobbies are Computer(specially TM ), Mountainbike Freeriding and mostly stuff every teenager is doing.

I also play TMNF(same name, since January 2011). And I'm also on TMNFX. Here is my newest TMNF creation: Waterdrops'. Please Test it guys!

My current projects:
- a lot of started projects i should finish^^
- "Mini Speed! 'x" Series

My most awarded tracks:
22 's | "Fools. by View User ProfileSend Private Message PeeeeGeeee"
22 's | "L ° v e by View User ProfileSend Private Message PeeeeGeeee"
16 's | "Winterparadise* by View User ProfileSend Private Message PeeeeGeeee"
10 's | "Average! Thank you so much mates!"

My Showcases:
Rivers End by View User ProfileSend Private Message PeeeeGeeee

PeGe says Hello 2013 by View User ProfileSend Private Message PeeeeGeeee


Two very important things at the end:
1-> I'm very happy to be a meber of this community, here I found a lot of helpful, polite and nice people. It is more a family than a community! That's what I love about this site and thats also a reason why mapping is giving so much fun to me. Keep on existing TMNX and all my friends in here!
2-> TMNX is very underrated! Some maps don't have as much awards as they deserve or they would get on TMNFX and some have less replays than awards, sometimes no replays!
This has to change! At least there must be more Replays!
But well, at the moment it is ok. So There is Hope!

Over and Out,

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