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Here are 5 tracks of mine, which are the best or most popular of the moment

[PF] squaredancer by View User ProfileSend Private Message JumperJack

>>> SQUAREDANCER PF (38 ), this is my second Press Forward track, and it's build on a 5x5 base!!

Tramontana by View User ProfileSend Private Message JumperJack

>>> TRAMONTANA (18 ), this is my latest full-speed track, it's quite flowing as well fast, so come on and try this one

col~ORA~do by View User ProfileSend Private Message JumperJack

>>> COL~ORA~DO (50 ), this is my newest full-speed track. i made it in honour of ORA. 3 awards in 2.5 minutes, so if you like full-speed tracks, be sure to check this one out too

Pythagoras by View User ProfileSend Private Message JumperJack

>>> PYTHAGORAS (31 ) this is a more technical track with many cool and flowing jumps, be sure to check this one out

Iron Butterfly by View User ProfileSend Private Message JumperJack

>>> IRON BUTTERFLY (36 ) this is a speedy track with a bit tech. bètatested by DFH

Fata Morgana by View User ProfileSend Private Message JumperJack

>>> FATA MORGANA (14 ) this is a bit harder speedy techtrack

also take a look at the tracks of our [Fok!]Community. These tracksare the community tracks that i've build partly:

DoubleTrouble (duotrack) by View User ProfileSend Private Message [Fok!] Community

by Djoszee & JumperJack

The Settlement (duotrack) by View User ProfileSend Private Message [Fok!] Community

by JumperJack & Weebel

[Fok!] Community track #2 by View User ProfileSend Private Message [Fok!] Community

by !n$@n3, JumperJack, Evil_Koekje, Walz/Markus & Lethal

>>> have fun playing my tracks. comments, personal records, world records and of course awards, are always welcome

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