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Registered : 22-Jun-2006
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Hey SweSebbe here!

- Short information about me -
Name: Sebastian (Nickname Sebbe)
Age: 23 (1991-11-04)
Country - Sweden
City - Skåne, Malmö

- Short tmx information -
Played tmn since 2006
Tmx since 22 jun 2006
52 tracks
15 minitracks
More than 1200 awards received (Big big thanks all )
11 classic tracks
Over 13 000 downloads of my 15 minitracks, Really amazing and thanks alot.

Earth/Europe/Nordic/Scandinavia/Sweden/Götaland/Skåne/Malmö (close to Copenhagen)

Here is my Minipack http://nations.tm-exchange.com/main.aspx?action=trackpackshow&id=1618140#auto

I Build both Fullspeed & tech, Try my tracks and just enjoy them

My old favorite tracks
Let me know when you're lonely.. by View User ProfileSend Private Message Kendal

Raging Jumps by View User ProfileSend Private Message Arild

AnGel by View User ProfileSend Private Message Ron Turbo

Magic Carpet by View User ProfileSend Private Message Mecas

Go Gadget by View User ProfileSend Private Message Mecas

Green Rocks by View User ProfileSend Private Message maysen

Back In Black by View User ProfileSend Private Message FinSlayer

Mini Stars #26 Last Christmas by View User ProfileSend Private Message TStarGermany

reRun by View User ProfileSend Private Message Ron Turbo

My Friends by View User ProfileSend Private Message keyS'Dice

PIRATES of the CARIBBEAN by View User ProfileSend Private Message HawkGer

Athletics Championship by View User ProfileSend Private Message Sivert - now on TMU

F1 GranD Pr!x by View User ProfileSend Private Message smok3y

Try this super track & mappers It´s my alltime favorite and they deserve much respect Have fun <-

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