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Login : OLD/WizKid
Registered : 28-Oct-2006
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Hi there!
My activety on TMX fluctuates a lot, as well as my trackmakings.
For now I have made 12 tracks, the first one released 11.02.2007, and my latest 19.03.2008.
So you can say I release approx 1 track à month.
I think I have progressed quite a bit since my first track, and must say I am very pleased with
my latest ones, esp. The slipstreamer, Heart of gOLD and, my best I think, FLOW.
I generally download lots of tracks, but I should get better to award the ones I like, which
are quite a few. I often tend to forget to award, but I will improve in the future

Making screenshots is something I really enjoy when I have the time, and my best I think is the
one's I made for OLD/Skidmarks 2.0, slipstreamer and heart of gOLD.
When I started making screens, I couldnt do anything in photoshop, but I enjoy learning new stuff.
So if u are making tracks and would like somebody else to do screens, feel free to ask!
Im not espessially good, but I think I make somewhat different screens than the average screen nowadays,
so if you are looking for something a bit different, send me a PM

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