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Login : Agidd
Registered : 15-Dec-2006
Website : http://www.youtube.com/user/akikone92
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Hi I am Agi or Agidd.
I come from Finland
I build tracks mostly for my own fun but I think of you guys too
I finally reached 50 tracks 16th Feb 2008.
I had my community project. Nice tracks.
Four Elements
If you have something to ask or tell, please PM me!
I will sure answer
Last, I would like if you tested my maps.
These are my own favourites.
Skywards by View User ProfileSend Private Message Agidd

Aldhissla by View User ProfileSend Private Message Agidd

Tigertail Road by View User ProfileSend Private Message Agidd

The Escapist by View User ProfileSend Private Message Agidd



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