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Hi everybody ^^
Welcome on Duo°Kyat's Account page

I make my advertising in there, so here we go :

=] Duo° Team Website

=] MEZADURA, my band

=] My tracks' replays on dailymotion

A big THANK YOU to all of those who test my tracks and give me feedback.
In no speacial order : Boxon, JC, Benny, Hathounet, Kalis, Toyz, Fredo, MadX
And I must forget some, but I thank them too

A big THANK YOU to those who have commented and awarded my tracks

At last a big THANK YOU to TMX
I have understood while the site has been offline how it was an important part of TMN

THANK YOU TMX CREW, you simply rocks ^^


Edit on 20/12/2007


From now on, I will use a personnal system of award.
I will stop giving awards for nice worked tracks. I will underline it with a comment, point out what where the positive and the negative aspects of the track in my opinion. There are a lot of nice tracks on tmx. But just nice doesn't desserve an award.
Moreover, some tracker's ways of doing have just taken any sense to the award in itself. I give you an award and in return you come and give awards on my tracks.
Well I don't want to be a part of that system.
If that pulls me aside of the "community", well, let it be. I don't care. TMN and TMX is just for fun, isn't it ?
I don't dream of fame anymore I have a real life that brings me enough. I'll let these dreams for the kids out there...

I will try in my comments and awards to show the things I liked and the things I disliked in the track.
So here I will classify my rewards in several categories :

- comment : well, you should worry . I didn't like your track
+ comment : a "single positive" comment, nice track. Need work.
++ comment : a "double positive" comment. Good track, need to be refined. I like it more than a single positive, but I can't award it due to a lack of some finitions in my opinion. But it is to encourage you to go further in your work and make better tracks. Or at least refine the one you already have.
: "single award". Well that is an award. So the track is fun, is well made, there is good work on it and it desserves to be awarded.
: "double award". Here comes a wonderful track ! I have liked the technic of construction, the sensations involved in driving it. That is a very brilliant and good work !
: "Triple award". I'm just crazy about this track ^^

Ok, maybe you wonder who am I to judge this way ? Just another tracker and driver on TMN. That's all. But I want to give sense to the rewards I give. If I award, that is the track has something, in my opinion. This is all about, it is just my opinion. Take it as it is ^^
I'm aware that I will surely be "prosecuted" for this type of acting. Well never mind

Keep on the good work on your tracks, and have fun on tmx and tmn. That will be enough for every body.

BTW : Don't feel forced to send me advertising if I left a comment on your tracks, unless I asked you for it. I don't have much free time, and I try tracks as and when I can.

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