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Login : t00b *Now in TMNF*
Registered : 22-Mar-2007
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Hi all
I really don't know what to say other than i hope you enjoy trying my tracks
For a long time i have been a Fullspeed track-maker.. Then i moved
my passion to the wonderful drift/tech.. But now i enjoy doing both

Cya out there..


My Newest Track: Fullspeed

4m8's: Fullspeed by View User ProfileSend Private Message t00b *Now in TMNF*

Plz try it out

Here is my newest duo with my m8 Silence...
Which in my opinion has been a bit on noticed
Track: FS

Caught in Between by View User ProfileSend Private Message Silence_t00b

Also here is my newest Duo with my m8, DenSu:
Track: Drift/Tech

Natural Born Killers * XD by View User ProfileSend Private Message t00b88_DenSu1090



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