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For all my friends
For all my friends by View User ProfileSend Private Message HardDance

My newest full speed track
Taste The Blood by View User ProfileSend Private Message HardDance

Here u got a tech track i build on one night for some weeks ago
ist a very compact tech track
not very long, about 35.50 sec's.

Aurthor time: 35.36
Intro: yes
In-game: not nedded
Autro: no

SnowFlakes by View User ProfileSend Private Message HardDance

So here it is
My one beuty

Welcome to Por~Que~No

Its a pure Speed track
With all a speed track should have

3 loops
1 wallride
3 smooth jumps
3 off-road parts

This is with no doudt my best track so far.
Im very proud of what iv manage to make.
A nice speed track with alot of fun
And Intro and outro
Not the best, but better then nothing xD

Coppers: 3513
Author time: 58.14
Gold: 58.50
Silver: 59.00
Bronze: 1.00.00
Hard times, but more fun^^

For the great Screenshot
Kiko31.F® For testing
xG`KarjeN For testing

Hope u all like my track as much as i do
If u do, please leave your

Por~Que~No by View User ProfileSend Private Message HardDance

Here is my new tech track, Back for more
Need some skills to do it good, but i bet u have those skills
Its about 1.02.00 long, author time is 1.02.36.
And once again, thanks alot for the screenshot Santa_

Intro, 10 sec
6 off-road parts
Many slide corners.
And alot of fun^^

Back for more by View User ProfileSend Private Message HardDance

Pleasee leave a replay and maybe a

Hi all
Here is my newest track, also the last one
have desided to stop with tmn and track building

The track is a tech track
It got some high speed and tricky corners.
You can make some awsome slides on it^^

Thanks for the very cool screenshot Santa_

Hope u like my track and maybe want to award it^^
Have fun and good luck

UnknownPerson by View User ProfileSend Private Message HardDance

Hope you like my maps
If you do, plz add replay and a

Here is a map dedicated to USI
The USI Challange... by View User ProfileSend Private Message HardDance

Just finished the first of 5 DareDevil maps take a look and upload your replay^^
DareDevil by View User ProfileSend Private Message HardDance

Have also made a little tribute to my country Norway
Take a look at it^^
The golden country by View User ProfileSend Private Message HardDance

And here is DareDevil2 take a look and enjoy

DareDevil 2 by View User ProfileSend Private Message HardDance

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