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currently i'm spending half a year in portugal without tmn but as soon as i return to germany i'll be back in the big wide tmn/tmx world... see you then!

if you like my tracks please also try this one i made together with GSA|DieAxt:
Cavalry Command by View User ProfileSend Private Message Gockel+DieAxt
it's hard and in my opinion there are quite some fresh ideas in it. if you like tracks that need some time to master but can be played a long time without getting boring this should be a good choice for you


if you think my tracks are too hard you might like
Afterburner by View User ProfileSend Private Message Gockel & Brad434
it's a track i made with Brad, it's based on "Afterburner by View User ProfileSend Private Message Brad434" but i made some changes to make all backwards boosters disposable and to give it better flow... it's a LOT easier than most of my tracks but i think it's quite nice. just have a look!

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