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~ Hello ~

I'm SapphiroN, also known as Dude557.

I finally had enough patience to do my account page. And here it its. Doesn't it look nice?

I'm fullspeed builder, but I also build some speed-techs. My fullspeed style isn't very fast, they are probably fun tracks, not so good for online (but there's few good online-tracks too!). My speed-tech technique isn't very original, and I build them probably one in a month, the rest is fullspeed.

I have builded also two PF tracks, and they are pure masterpices. If u like PF tracks, u gotta try them right away!

Here's some of my best tracks, for every taste.

First, my most awarded track, which got surprisily showcased.

Adrenaline by View User ProfileSend Private Message SapphiroN

And here's one speed-tech for u tech fans out there.

Green Lines by View User ProfileSend Private Message SapphiroN

This is my great PF track.

[PF] No Fear [PF] by View User ProfileSend Private Message SapphiroN

And this is my personal favourite.

Reality by View User ProfileSend Private Message SapphiroN

This one is my favourite track, by my good friend Prdlous.

For my Friends! by View User ProfileSend Private Message Prdlous

Current track projects:
4 duos

For duo or other project requests, PM to me.
Happy tracking!

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