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Login : DeFacer
Registered : 14-May-2006
Website : http://www.fireball.rps.cz/sqs/
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Hi everyone

Welcome to my account page! You can find every valuable information and statistics below. If you have any questions or requests just write me a private message. Maybe I'll answer it, maybe i won't xD

About me:
My trackmania nickname is DeFacer (also "whiteblooder" before). I live in Czech Republic and Im 20 years old. I've been playing Trackmania since april 2006.

» Here's the link to my new Tmnf account «

» 18 tracks of mine were voted as Classic!
» my 2 tracks Black Smoothness & Revolutionize reached the barrier of 100 's
» I've got the 3. rank of the best awarded builders on tmX with 1623 's reached.
» my Smooth series is the most sucessful and awarded track series in TmN with total 592 's & 18.291 D/Ls (4.4. 2011)

Tracks dedicated to me:
"MFA_DeFacer by View User ProfileSend Private Message -RáW-"
"~DeFacer~ by View User ProfileSend Private Message Metal_Snake.F®"
"For DeFacer by View User ProfileSend Private Message eLƒ/Krow"
"TmN - Defacer by View User ProfileSend Private Message Optimusje"
"for DeFacer smoothride by View User ProfileSend Private Message fak0r"
"Dedicated To Defacer by View User ProfileSend Private Message elmo"
"tribute to sQs DeFacer by View User ProfileSend Private Message sheet"

Duo track with TXI:
Double Pulse by View User ProfileSend Private Message DeFacer_TXI

Last edited 22. april 2011

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