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Welcome on my TMNX site

Name in Game: Fusion!PeGe / BBDl|PeGe
Clan: Fusion Gaming and BBD
Favorite Style: Full Speed, enjoying Tech a lot lately tho
Announcements: Mostly activeon FOrever, but expect some new stuff here as well!!!
About me:

I started playin Trackmania Nations ESWC in Oktober 2010. I started building maps shortly after.
After being active within the Fusion Team I somehow stopped playing in 2013 due to finishing school and starting studying
I also play TMNF (01/2011). And I'm also on TMNFX. That's where I'm most active now after I started playing again in October 2020.

My best received tracks:
Classic | "Winterparadise* by View User ProfileSend Private Message PeeeeGeeee"
22 's | "Fools. by View User ProfileSend Private Message PeeeeGeeee"
22 's | "L ° v e by View User ProfileSend Private Message PeeeeGeeee"
17 's | "Mini Speed! '5 by View User ProfileSend Private Message PeeeeGeeee"

My Showcases:
Rivers End by View User ProfileSend Private Message PeeeeGeeee

PeGe says Hello 2013 by View User ProfileSend Private Message PeeeeGeeee


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