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Login : Rose Tattoo
Registered : 10-Jun-2006
Website : www.dedimania.com
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http://dedimania.com/tmstats/?do=stat here you can find online records

18000 players did join my server since 30.07.2006, more than 14000 maps played

For informations about my server, there are all tributes listed

Not all tributes I could manage to the server account of TMX, so I have to add some more here:

"The Holy ®ose by View User ProfileSend Private Message Morlock"

"The Unholy ®ose by View User ProfileSend Private Message Morlock"

"Happy birthday, Rose® by View User ProfileSend Private Message Lars is back!"

"®ose The Snail ~ by View User ProfileSend Private Message Kamyk.®"

"For The ®ose Friends! by View User ProfileSend Private Message Lars is back!"

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